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Electrical Solutions

The Power Of Next Electric

As one of the premier electrical contractors in southeastern Wisconsin, NEXT Electric is focused on designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for a wide range of industries. We are dedicated to safety excellence, superior quality, exceptional customer service, and fulfilling our commitments through innovative solutions.

Our team of licensed, experienced professionals is prepared to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.


Highest Safety Standards

We maintain the highest safety standards through training, policies and awareness.


Quality Project Management

NEXT Electric, LLC offers over 100 years of project management


Premium Electrical Services

Our team has proven experience with complex power systems in various markets.

NEXT Electric Solutions

In today’s challenging economic times, many organizations are experiencing reduced profitability. Often, the response in this situation is to cut operating expenses, which usually results in jobs lost and a lack of staffing. At NEXT Electric, we have experienced team members that can assess your operating budget and develop a plan to optimize operating costs. Possible solutions include energy cost reductions, subcontract usage and cost assessments, and staffing assessments. We will evaluate your largest areas of spend in your operating budget and determine what areas can and should be modified to optimize costs and maintain or improve operations in order for your facilities to operate at a high level of performance.

Our Direction and Mission

NEXT Electric, LLC is a premier electrical contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin focused on designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems for a wide range of industries.

We are dedicated to safety excellence, superior quality and exceptional customer service, fulfilling our commitment through innovative solutions.

Our Employees

NEXT Electric’s employees proudly carry out our mission through safe work practices and quality workmanship. We are dedicated to completing customers’ electrical projects safely and on time. Our certified electricians have experience in each of NEXT’s specialty markets and are skilled in working with complex power systems. The NEXT field team includes State Master Electricians and Health Care Certified Electricians, all of whom have received OSHA 30 Hour training. In short, our team consists of careful, hard-working individuals dedicated to safety excellence, superior quality and innovative solutions.

Our Leadership

NEXT Electric is led by President Chris Surges, who has over 20 years of electrical contracting experience in the greater Milwaukee area, and has been involved in some of the largest commercial building projects in the state of Wisconsin. Along with Chris, the NEXT management team shares an extensive background in delivering a wide variety of electrical solutions.

Our experienced team is comprised of licensed Electrical Masters and Inspectors, State Master Electricians, Wisconsin State Journeymen and OSHA 30 Hour certified electricians. This depth of experience and range of certifications demonstrates our management’s commitment to safety excellence, high quality work and exceptional customer service.